What roofing services do you offer?2016-10-04T14:52:31+01:00

We offer a wide variety of roofing services which includes: Tiling, Slating, Re-roofs, Velux Window & Skylight Installation, Roof Insulating, Felt Flat Roofing, Chimney work, Lead work,  uPVC Facias & Soffits, Cladding, Guttering & Gutter cleaning, Moss clearing, leak identification, all minor roofing repair work and insurance work.

How can I get a quotation?2021-09-30T12:39:50+01:00

Please call our office on 01582 764025 or email us at info@harpendenroofing.co.uk to request a quotation. Please provide contact details of how you can be reached and an outline of the work or issue you are experiencing.

Who will come out to inspect the roof to provide a quotation?2016-09-21T16:04:11+01:00

The Managing Director, Mark Dallimore, will come to the site and perform the necessary inspections in order to provide an accurate quotation. On certain occasions one of the team members will perform the inspection themselves or alongside the Managing Director.

What payment methods do you accept?2016-09-21T16:05:49+01:00

We accept cheques or bank transfer payments.

Do you offer a guarantee?2016-09-21T16:15:11+01:00

Yes we do offer guarantees, the length of the guarantee is dependent on the type of roofing work we are performing.

How long have you been operating?2016-09-21T16:28:58+01:00

Harpenden Roofing Company Ltd has been operating for over 35 years and our extensive experience means we are capable of meeting all of your roofing needs.

Are you insured?2016-09-21T16:02:00+01:00

Yes, we are covered by full public liability insurance up to £10 million

Can I perform roofing work myself?2016-09-21T16:14:29+01:00

We do not advice any one to perform roofing work themselves, this is due to the inherent risks of elevated heights and poor access, that typically is associated with all types of roofs. If you require roofing work, no matter how small the job, please contact us to discuss and we will be able to advise on how we can help.

How do I know when my roof needs replacing?2016-09-21T16:24:50+01:00

It will vary due to the unique circumstances of a particular job. When a roof shows signs of wear and tear, slipping / cracking tiles or is suffering many / majors leaks, this can be a sign of greater underlying problem and often requires re-roofing.

How do I know when my roof needs maintenance or repair?2016-09-21T16:24:26+01:00

When the roof shows signs of cracks, leaks or any ingress of water.

How long will a new roof last?2016-09-21T16:11:12+01:00

It depends on the style, orientation to prevailing winds and many other factors. Generally, new roofs can last decades before requiring a complete overhaul or major repair.

How long will a new felt roof last?2016-09-21T16:28:05+01:00

Depending on the size of the felt roof and its orientation to the prevailing winds, generally they last 15-20 years.

How often should my gutters be cleaned?2016-09-21T16:36:14+01:00

Gutters should be cleaned at least once to twice per year. We have specialist gutter cleaning equipment, to be able to reach most guttering heights, without the need for invasion, costly, scaffolding structures. Please contact us for a quotation.

Do you cover insurance work?2016-09-21T16:02:51+01:00

Yes we do, please contact us for more details

Do you work with / remove Asbestos?2016-12-29T14:19:00+00:00

No we don’t work with or remove Asbestos in any form. We highly recommend that you consult the services of a licensed contractor, who is trained and certified to remove Asbestos in a safe manor that conforms to the industry standard regulations. More information can be found at www.aic.org.uk

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